Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Harry Winston – modern jewellery design born in NY

Harry Winston is a luxury jewellery brand with glamorous taste and quality. This brand – which was the first brand classified by the Luxury Institute for their superior quality, uniqueness and exclusivity – is inspired by the endless energy of New York.

In 1932, Harry Winston began to explore the world of finest jewellery, transforming diamonds into glamorous pieces of art and revolutionizing modern jewellery design. It is with the special partnership between designers and artisans that these magnificent and unique pieces are created. Every gemstone is studied individually each wondrous creation is through the collaboration of designers, gemmologists and craftsmen. The high quality of each piece is of the most importance, as its beaut will endure forever.

The legacy continues today in the collection of Vintage Jewellery and Luxurious watches. Following the wishes of Harry Winston, each piece transmits and perpetuates a unique story.

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