Friday, 9 December 2011

Red + Black Spiral Contemporary Necklace + Earrings Costume Jewellery Set

Product Information

This beautiful pendant and earring set is made in a modern style.

Costume jewellery sets are a great option if you need to purchase something for a special occasion, giving you a matching jewellery set that you can tie in with your outfit. These stylish sets are the ideal solution for complimenting your look with matching accessories.

These lovely handcrafted costume jewellery sets offer value for money and will add that bit extra to your outfit without hurting your hip pocket.

All of the costume jewellery sets are individually hand crafted and made to the highest quality. Each pair of jewellery earrings and pendant has a lovely High Gloss finish, come ready to wear and possess subtle differences that reflect the unique nature of these individual, hand-made objects.

Individual Designs
If the designs or colours available don't really grab you, then we invite you look at our other shop items to view the wide range of products and styles available. Still not sure if these are for you? If you haven't found just the item to suit your tastes then simply email us and wherever possible we'll organise our jewellery artist to design a totally unique costume jewellery set in the colour or design that meets your needs.

Can I Match a Costume Jewellery Set to My Outfit?
The costume jewellery sets are a great option to complement your outfit. If you are not sure that the existing designs are ideal for you, simply email us let us know what you'd like! Our jewellery artist will work to design the perfect earring and matching pendant for you to have the ideal costume jewellery set wherever possible.

Whether you're after a set for yourself or as a gift to someone - we are certain you'll find something you love on offer in our store!

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