Monday, 28 November 2011


Traditional jewelry now out of fashion. Adventurous modern jewelry replacing the traditional jewelry. Because, modern women are experimental in nature. They loved to do experiment with every fashion. So, belly jewelry, one of the most adventurous jewelry is getting popularity day by day .In modern age, it is one of the most popular jewelry among the women, who are bold and beautiful. Most of the belly jewelries worn through the navel pierce. Navel piercing is a type of body piercing, which allow navel rings and such other ornaments to be placed. So, navel is the most popular body part for piercing. Belly jewelry always combined with the fashionable wearing clothes, which leave the navel bare. So, that the navel decoration is displayed. "Generation-y" women are going for belly jewelry more and more because it is simply sexy. Belly jewelries with bare mid-rifts and crop tops create a stunning sexy looks, which has an erotic effect also. Popularity of the belly jewelry helps fashion designers to create new designs, which can be sensuously combined with this jewelry. Low rider jeans, hip hugging pants, crop tops are hitting the fashion market in huge ways. Actresses, models are accessorizing their bellies with sparkling belly jewelry on a bare mid-rift to get a wild sexy looks. In the scenario of the Modern World including America, belly jewelry is setting a trend. From teens to mature women, college goers to office goers, all are fascinated with the belly jewelry. There are various kinds of belly jewelry, like-navel rings, belly buttons, bent barbells, dangling navel rings etc. All are embellishing ornaments for the navel. Fashionable to stylish to chic, tribal to trendy everything is in fashion. The most popular and standard forms of belly jewelry are circular rings, curved barbells. These come in various designs, like- sparkling and shinning belly rings, glow in the dark belly rings, heart shaped cute belly rings, teddy bear rings with flowery designs. Some women, especially teens prefer colorful dangling belly jewelry. Belly jewelries can be find with colored beads also. Navel ornaments with blinking, color changing flashers are hot favorite now. Hey ladies! Are you bold and want to get a sexy looks? Then try for belly jewelry. Choose any of the belly jewelry that suits you best and speaks for you and makes your own fashion statement .You must not follow the others and create your own identity with your newly designed belly jewelry which can be match with your outfits. Get bold and beautiful. You can change your belly jewelry with your outfits. Get a new look in a new party. Those who are not bold enough to get a pierced navel but want to go for belly jewelry, they have an alternative way to decorate and embellish their navel. Various types of tattoos are available in the fashion market to decorate your navel with bare mid-rifts tops. Pick any one and become trendy with sexy, dashing stylish looks.

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